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What are the Benefits of Yoga?

· Accessible to everyone

· Improves flexibility and balance

· Promotes long lean muscles and increases range of motion

· Increases cell rejuvenation

· Improves social skills

· Calms the mind

· Soothes the nerves

· Uplifts mood

· Reduces carpal tunnel syndrome

· Helps to control hypertension

· Improves overall fitness

· Decreases cholesterol

· Decreases thyroid issues

· Improves mental health

· Brings harmony to life

· Improves reactions, builds self-control

· Improves athletic performance

· Relieves arthritis

· Promotes relaxation

· Improves skin

· Boosts confidence

· Develop body awareness and creates positive self-image

· Improves memory and attention to detail

· Alters gene expression

· Builds muscle strength

· Improves brain function

· Increases the depth perception

· Improves vitality, endurance and stamina

· Reduces cellulite, tones the body

· Stimulates productivity

· Magnifies motivation

· Amplifies learning

· Expands consciousness

· Lowers lactic acid

· Higher levels of pain tolerance

· Combats cravings

· Keeps Alzheimer’s away

· Relieves sclerosis

· Relieves chronic bronchitis

· Reduces epileptic seizures

· Reduces sciatica

· Reduces the symptoms of OCD

· Reduces sinusitis and other allergies

· Increases fertility

· Reduces side effects of menopause

· Perfects posture and protects the spine

· Heart health – improves cardiovascular functions

· Improves circulation

· Nourishes the mind, body and soul

· Reduce headaches

· Increase core strength

· Relief from back pain

· Anxiety relief

· Reduce neck pain

· Improved lug capacity

· Lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics

· Releases “happy” chemicals into the body – emotional remedy

· Decreases lactic acid in muscles

· Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

· Betters bone health

· Drug free

· Drains the lymphs and boost immunity

· Regulates sodium in the body

· Balances metabolism

· Encourages blood flow and oxygenation

· Increases heart rate – lowering the risk of heart disease and depression

· Lowers blood pressure

· Improves problem solving skills

· Prevents IBS and other digestive problems

· Regulates adrenal glands

· Increases energy flow in the body

· Nourishes the heart, brain and organs

· Lowers blood sugar

· Supports connective tissue

· Relaxes and maintains the nervous system

· Releases tension in the limbs

· Improves sleep patterns

· Weight reduction

· Improves libido

· Cools inflammation

· Promotes younger-looking DNA, reduces the aging process

· Stops the fluctuations of the mind

· Promotes heightened levels of consciousness

· Heals aches and pains and keeps sickness at bay

· Self-healing and improvement of health and happiness

· Promotes self-discipline of effort and rest

· Promotes self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love

· Promotes self-discovery and self-improvement

· Promotes universal compassion and unconditional love

· Provides inner strength – overcome dysfunctional habits

· Promotes a spiritual life in service of others

· Builds awareness for transformation

· Benefits relationships

· Promotes the ideal of a simple life

· Promotes a positive outlook to life

· Reduces hostility

· Personal growth, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually

· Provides a moral code and personal conduct to live a

· Mindfulness and wellness – healthy lifestyle

· Provides a greater understanding of the laws of nature and the laws that govern our Universe

· Improves meditation skills

· Promotes psychological balance and personality integration

· Identification with Universal consciousness; connects us back to the whole

· Improves digestion and immunity

· Boosts red blood cells

· Better absorption of vitamins

· Lowers the risk of injury

· Activates the parasympathetic nervous system

· Purifying the body and mind to decrease stress

· Path to peace and freedom, path to a higher knowledge and joyful abundance

· Improves focus and concentration

· Balances opposing muscle groups

· Non-competitive exercise – promotes a wholesome workout

· Improves eye-to-hand coordination

· Enhanced dexterity

· Quicker reaction time

· Connection to mind, body and spirit

· Cultivates loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity

· Cultivates benevolence, truthfulness, honesty, acceptance, maturity

...shall I go on?!!

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