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"Yoga is like music
the rhythm of the body
the melody of the mind
the harmony of the soul
that creates the symphony of life."

B.K.S. Iyengar



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262 Simpsons Rd

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Yoga Shala

Our unique 'Embrace Yoga' studio is less than a 7 minute drive from Currumbin Beach.  Close to the beach action, yet far enough away to feel like you're on a luxurious retreat.  The Shala (yoga studio) is nestled amongst tropical gardens with serene ambience and spectacular views of rolling hills out to the ocean.  A truly heartfelt and blissfully relaxing experience.  You won't forget this.

The foundation of Lauren's practice combines physical posture with an inner journey.  You are warmly invited into her tranquil home studio where Lauren will lovingly guide you through a well-balanced session integrating relaxation, meditation, yogic breathing, yogic postures and Reiki.  Classes are a flowing, sequential style of Hatha Yoga. Lauren builds the sequences gently and this allows students to stop and rest when needed and enables others to continue until they reach their ‘edge' - the point where they are working to their capacity but not going past a secure and comfortable level.  Lauren also incorporates Vinyasa Yoga, a free-flowing style of Yoga.  

Following daytime sessions you are welcome to enjoy complimentary tea and raw treat while overlooking Currumbin Valley and the stunning coastline.  Lauren's evening classes are held by candlelight and warm lamp light.  Lauren offers classes for every person, no matter what their physical situation as Lauren feels that Yoga is a gift to be shared.  It brings joy and well-being.  At Embrace Yoga it is important that no-one leaves the Yoga Shala feeling less than when they entered.  It is Lauren's priority to be instrumental in reminding all of their own self-worth, reducing stress by increasing self-esteem and self-empowerment.


It is Lauren's honour to be involved in your Yoga Journey.

Bookings essential to reserve your space.  Book online now via this website.​

‘Embrace Yoga Shala’

262 Simpsons Road 


Gold Coast 


Yogi Lauren

Dedicated to Wellbeing

What is Yoga?  Yoga is not just about stretching and exercising.  It is about living a life of benevolence, peace, of love... and blooming from within.  Yoga is a pathway to happiness, compassion, self-empowerment and freedom.  From personal experience I acknowledge that Yoga can be life changing.  As a mother of three young daughters, I know how easy it can be to "lose yourself" in the role of parenting.  Yoga can be a sanctuary as it provides time away from the busyness of life.  Our Yoga practice is a time for self-care and allows us to restore, rejuvenate and reconnect to our mind, body and spirit.  Yoga is a journey of personal development and self-improvement, it has become a vehicle towards positive change for me personally.  

Yoga is about developing an intimate awareness of your mind, body and spirit connection.  The practice of Yoga has helped me to become more self aware. I have a newfound trust in listening to my intuition and honouring my Soul's purpose.  For me, Yoga is a form of therapy.  It has assisted in unlocking trapped trauma, releasing blockages in tense parts of my body and has enabled me to let go of negative memories that have been buried in my subconscious mind.  Yoga has been described as "the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” (The Bhagavad Gita).

For me, Yoga is a way of life.  It is a tool to deeply connect with my true being, embracing love rather than fear.  Yoga is about letting go of attachments, permanence, judgements, stress, expectations and external desires, by surrendering to the present moment.  Recognising that life does not happen to you, it happens for you – maybe not as planned, but just as it is meant to.  Yoga is about being compassionate towards ourselves and others, living with an open heart, being mindful of how we treat ourselves and others and our impact on the world.   Finding beauty within the imperfections of life, peacefully accepting that everything is constantly changing, empowers us to experience more gratitude and joy. 

We cannot always control what happens in the world outside, however, we can control our world within,

that is where our power is. 

“Create a beautiful place inside of yourself and then begin to expand and build outward” - Unknown.

*  Embrace Your Journey  *  Embrace Yoga  *  Embrace You *

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on. 

Love, light and blessing always to you.  Namaste.

Lauren Kelly

BA (Psychology Major), Grad Dip Ed., Level 2 Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer, Children's Yoga Teacher, Yoga Mentor